Head Expanders, Fixtures and Guided Head Expanders.

Special Projects

Guided Head Expander and Slip Table meet Customers exact testing requirements.
Two 20 ton (20,000 kgf) Vibration Systems, Guided Head Expander and a special Slip Table were supplied to an international railcar company for testing large and heavy test loads with a high center of gravity. Engineers at our research center in Beijing ensured the dynamic performance of the Head Expander was inline with the customers expectations using the latest FEM analysis software.


Head Expanders & Fixtures

ETS Solutions offers Head Expanders for applications where larger vertical test mounting surfaces are required. Head Expanders are manufactured from lightweight magnesium alloy, providing high strength-to-weight ratio. A choice of less expensive aluminum alloy is also available for smaller fixtures. The Head Expander allows multiple items to be tested at the same time, decreasing total test cycle time. Head Expanders with load support guidance allow payloads with large footprints to be safely mounted and tested on the shaker, reducing the risk of damage to the shaker suspension system.

The Guided Head Expanders are designed for testing of large, heavy packages to handle tough transportation and other demanding test profiles while providing additional restraints and load support.

Customized fixtures can also be designed and manufactured based on the customer's specimen mounting requirement. Cube, L type and T type fixtures for testing of multiple small sized components are available. The customized cube, L or T types are preferred by customers for three axis testing without investing in an additional slip table.

The latest software for FEM analysis is utilized for fixture designs to produce the best results for fixtures with an exceptional dynamic performance.